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Vegetable Alchemy:   Body Smart Foods Balance Fitness and go Right......
  • What if as a professional cook and one who enjoys fitness you realized that the delicious cuisines of the world had relatively little to do with keeping your body healthy ?
  • What if many of those historic recipes you cooked were pre-nutrition science and outdated, regardless of how popular, traditional, ethnic or farm to table tasty?
  • What if you learned that your body is actually a network grid of over 40 trillion interconnected groups of various cells with an energy element that keeps them  together?
  • what if you then learned that your system has a way of engineering the right nutrients, minerals and enzymes coupled with a bit of balanced fitness into outstanding long term health?
  • And last what if you really valued maintaining good weight, a flexible body and a long, healthy life ?

Developing an idea I call Vegetable Alchemy focuses on recipes from vegetables, herbs, fruits and spice, adding a little fitness to round out great health.  As I keep working at them, the body centric
recipes combined with the fitness and become proactive self-care in a world of rising costs of health care.  Eventually Vegetable Alchemy will take shape in a new body centric, Cell Cuisine
tm.  This is
not a shout out against meat, fish, poultry, dairy or other proteins.  Cell Cuisine is about focused biological energy, eating the right foods whether we cook at home, eat out or order in, balanced with the
electric energy of smart, light, consistent fitness.  Think about becoming a Vegetable Alchemist on the road to a body centric Cell Cuisine tm.
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Vegetable Alchemy recipes offer a fresh new Cell Cuisine balancing well-rounded fitness and better overall health
The Body Operating System
plant based, aerobic minded