Whether your taste is fast food, street food or grand cuisine, a plant minded,
Vegetable Alchemy recipe is body fit, regardless of age.

Historically, in cultures, recipes have been designed from ingredients in a locale.
Hardly any purpose has been given to how a recipe effects the body nor the
ingredient impact on the earth, especially given rising populations.  In the last
decades information is available for a new kind of recipe.  Vegetable Alchemy,
where food and fitness are centric, represent the smart central purpose of low
impact on earth and self.

For the most part,
each of our anatomies work in a similar way.  For that reason at
Vegetable Alchemy we as chefs design a
dish and recipe for its effect on fitness,  
body in balance, consistent weight, and great taste using familiar foods.  We focus
on overall body energy, high digestibility, practical cost and terrific flavor.

The proportion of vegetables, herb and spice added to the right balance of protein,
carbohydrate and fat make Vegetable Alchemy as much about Green Eating as
about body-smart food.  That is why at Vegetable Alchemy we call our style,  'Plant
Powered'  but, not plant only, the magic energy in great health.

It is true that all of us have our food preferences. However there are still general
rules of eating that keep the body healthier and in better shape, aging properly.  
Vegetable Alchemy is not a diet.  It is an attitude. It is a culture that is now a lifestyle,  
the lifestyle of a chef who is creating a nutritionally dense, cell based cuisine with a
little fitness for optimum body

Follow the way and become a Vegetable Alchemist!
The Magic Flavor for Health and Fitness
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be mindful, stay active, eat smart